Creating memories

Egypt NOT Syria

This is a testimony for what happened on 17-1-2014 because a lot of people on the social media was doubting one of my photos saying it was in Syria or a setup photo!

I was covering the Cairo University clashes which started after students went on the street in front of the university dorms, after a while police forces came and it was MY choice to stand next to them although it was risky because at any moment the police might change the way they were dealing with the media and start confiscating cameras and memory cards if I was lucky, worst case scenario arresting all media in the scene after some beating of course.

Standing next to the students was not an option that day because of the “justified” rage they were having after 4 students killed the day before.

Anyway police started shooting tear gas and immediately the street was cleared and all the students went back to the dorm and the clashes begun.

Tear gas and bird shots with shotguns vs. rocks and fireworks, after a while I decided to leave feeling lucky that I survived another day.

I am only an observer I am no longer a participant.

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